Greatest Hits

  1. It's time to get rid of alimony. I lay out my basic argument against the concept of alimony.
  2. Hey ladies, here's a great way to control your man with sex! The fact that many women think this way, is one of the primary reasons you should be very hesitant to get married.
  3. Single women, it's your own damn fault. Here, I relish the opportunity to report on women putting each other down. I, of course, would never do such a thing!
  4. Breaking all the rules of dating. A female perspective on why all the rules women make for themselves are wrong. I agree for the most part.
  5. 50 reasons (not) to get married. I tear apart a typically sappy list of the supposed benefits of marriage.
  6. Online dating red flags. Watch out for these if you want to avoid wasting your time or, worse, being scammed.
  7. Workplace (in)equality. The facts just don't support the idea that women are suffering in the workplace. On the contrary, it's the other way around.
  8. 10 online dating profile tips for women. I'm just trying to help ladies! Here are some common mistakes I've noticed in women's profiles.
  9. So many women, so little time. I wax philosophic on the paradox of choice in the modern dating world. Very deep.
  10. Female ejaculation and ancient sex wisdom. Some interesting and hilarious things I learned on a random walk through the history of sex science.
  11. What's Your Price: Prostitution or a good deal?. I analyze the legality and value of a new dating site where you bid on sluts -- cough -- I mean women.
  12. Category: Online Dating. Get all my online dating posts in one convenient place.
  13. Unwilling fathers: deadbeats or victims. I defend men against the "deadbeat" label and refute the victimization of single mothers.
  14. The cost of raising a child vs child support. Read this if you still think child support is based on the cost of raising a child.
  15. My top 6 online dating tips. Some lessons learned from my travails in the online dating world.