November 24, 2013

What’s the average online dating email response rate?, like many other sites, has something called “winks” that you can send to other users. It’s basically a quick way to let someone know that you’re interested in them. Now, when you receive a wink, a screen pops up asking if you’d like to email and stating that:

She’s 15X more likely to respond to an email.
(At least that’s what happened for a male member at the time of this writing.)

Think about what this implies. If women who wink at you respond 100% of the time you email them (the highest possible rate), and that is 15 times more likely than normal, that would imply that the average response rate is about 7% (100% / 15). If women who wink respond less than 100% of the time, then the average response rate for all women and all men is even lower than 7%.

Me? I get somewhere between 20% and 30%, and that's even after filtering out unattractive profiles. How do I do it? By using the techniques in my book.