May 26, 2014

My WhatsYourPrice Adventure (Part 2)

So it's been a while since I've written about the online dating site for sugar daddies (ahem, generous men) and golddiggers (I mean, uh, women), What's Your Price. At the time I was intrigued by the prospects, but never got around to writing about the outcome of my adventure.

What happened? Well, honestly I figured out much more effective methods to meet women online, and no longer had any need for a gimmicky website like What's Your Price. But since so I've received so many requests to follow up my first piece, here it is, by popular demand, Part 2 of My What's Your Price Adventure.

Part 2

Ok, I'm not going to go over all the details again on how the website works. That's still in Part 1, but just to get everyone up to speed, the objective was simple: To find out if this method of paying for dates is actually more effective than going on multiple cheaper dates. The short answer is no, but just because I know you all like to be entertained, here's what happened.

Strike 1

First, take a look at this profile. Try to guess what type of woman this is. What type of date would you expect if you paid her for it.

Let's see. Picture in underwear. Check. Open to Casual / Intimate Encounters. Check. Generally sexual vibe. Check.

So we did the dance of courtship. You know how it goes. I winked... She offer a date for $100... I accepted (yes please!)... She sent me a message, and based on the profile above, I decided to pay $10 to see it and “unlock” messaging between us. Here's the message:

Ok, all systems go. Time to turn this up a notch. Well, not so fast. Here's how it played out:

So let me get this straight... you want to be paid for a date ("The Best Date I Will Ever Have" actually), you're posing in you're underwear, you want to be a gazelle devoured by a lion, and you are up for anything. Got it. But no you're not a prostitute. In fact, that idea is offensive. But just in case, here's the exact amount that you would require if you were a prostitute. Not that you are. You definite are not. Maybe I should just have offered that amount to see what would happen, but I decided to move on.

Strike 2

Ok, moving on, here's our second customer:

$100, blonde, and to my pleasant surprise, she was smart enough to notice my number and text me, so I didn’t have to spend $10 just to talk to her. I like here already. She says in her date description that she liked to cook, so I figured I'd invite here over to cook me dinner. Hey, I'm paying her $100 bucks, right? Well you can probably guess, it didn't quite work out. Of course I didn't really care about dinner, but I guess she didn't get the hint.

Strike 3

I was a bit discouraged at this point, but decided to give it one more chance, just for the adventure. I found a girl who was charging $50 for a date. Bargain basement price. But of course, I still had to pay $10 to get ONE message from her, where she... wait for it... sent me her phone number. Wow. Thank you for wasting $10 dollars of my money.

Anyway, she had a pretty promising description in her profile, so I figured I’d try to get her to come to my area for a cheap, ahem, I mean romantic, dinner and then dancing, and I’d see if I could seduce her. No dice. I ended up wasting half an our on the phone with her before she let me know that she wasn't ready to meet yet. You know, like I was going to spend weeks trying to get to know her over a series of phone conversations before I found out if she was even real. So that didn't pan out either.

The Rest

You may be saying to yourself, wait a minute, three tries! Come on! Put in a little more effort before making a judgement. But there were more than these. These were just the top 3 that seemed to be the most realistic chances of, uh, a positive outcome. The rest of the women I ran into can be summarized like this...

You may recall from my previous analysis that I’d set my budget at $320, which included the average amount bid for a woman in LA plus $150 for the date. Now throw in the fact that I have to pay $50 just to sign up, and that reduces my budget a little. Then add the realization that these women don’t seem to be much different than others I've seen online. More attractive on average, yes. But not necessarily more willing to put out.

Then there were the women who seemed to have forgotten the fact that they’re asking someone to PAY to date them. These profiles read just like those on a normal online dating site. Something like, “hey maybe we’ll meet up for a quick lunch and see if we like each other.”

I hate to break it to you ladies, but if I’m paying you, there better be something different about this date than one I can get for free. I’d have no problem with most of the demands made in the profiles if sex was guaranteed, or at least highly likely. But most of these women are under the misguided impression that I’m willing to pay them, just to get a chance to speak to them. Like I've said before, fantasy land.


Unfortunately, on What's Your Price, there seems to be a fundamental disconnect between what women expecting and reality. What else is new. My advice is this. If you want a hooker, get a hooker. There are plenty of ways to find one I'm sure. If you want to get laid with a normal girl who might not be riddled with STDs, try my book.