July 4, 2011

10 online dating profile tips for women

I read this so-called expert advice on online dating profile writing for women, and thought it was time I posted my list of the most common mistakes I see in women's profiles. Call them Do's and Don'ts if you will (mostly Don'ts). That way I'm being helpful and not just making fun of you, right? Anyway, ladies, follow these guidelines and you'll maximize your online dating potential:

  1. Don't do any of these things.
  2. Don't post a picture of yourself where you are not the most attractive person in the picture. You don’t want my first impression of you to be a disappointment, do you?
  3. Don't tell me you like to travel. I know you like to travel. Everybody likes to travel. Do you want me to buy you a plane ticket? Is that what you’re saying? Regardless, putting it in your profile is not going to make you more appealing.
  4. Don't put poetry, quotes, or song lyrics in your profile. It’s cheesy. Plus, the odds are I have no idea WTF you’re talking about.
  5. Don't tell me all the things you hate about other guys, and all your pet peeves. I just met you. You know nothing about me and you’re presuming that I have all the worst qualities of every other man you’ve ever dated. Not exactly a turn on.
  6. Don't complain about how people sometimes misspell your/you're or they're/their/there. This one is the same as the previous rule, but it's so surprisingly common that I had to give it it's own line.
  7. Don’t sound stuck up by saying things like, "May the best man win," or "Let's see if you can impress me." Being stuck up is not going to win you any admirers.
  8. Don't lie or be deceitful in any way. It’s not going to help you. Eventually you’re going to want to meet, right? Then what? You aren’t going to trick someone into being attracted to you. It’s just a waste of everyone’s time.
  9. Do post pictures of your body. If you don't, I'm going to assume the worst.
  10. Do write with the goal of stimulating conversation. Say something that is unique, funny, interesting, that I can ask you about. If you just list a bunch of boring vital stats, there’s not going to be much to say other than, “hey, you’re cute.” Is that what you’re going for?

Think these tips are useful? You can find many more in my book!