May 12, 2014

Why You Should Date Black Women

I've had a lot of success in online dating. Shit, I even wrote a book about it. But recently I've had even more success. How? By dating black women. Now, before you get all worked up, this wasn't a conscious decision I made one day. It's just something I noticed. I sort of though something was going on, but I didn't really pay attention until one of my friends whispered to me that he'd noticed that black women seemed to love him. When I started to keep track, I realized that I was having a lot more success with black women than any other race. But why? It turns out there are two factors at play here:

Not enough marriageable black men

Stereotypes aside, Freakonomics does a great job of breaking down the actual data on this in a recent podcast. If you want to get into the nitty gritty details, listen to the podcast, but here's the bottom line: Although the ratio of black women to black men isn't as bad as a lot of people think, it really is unfavorable for black women looking to marry within their race:

[In] the educated population you’ll see the ratio get even more skewed, and it goes up to about 1.8 to one in Atlanta and 1.5 to one in Washington D.C.

Black women getting no love

There's an old old oktrends post on how different races are matched and respond to dating emails. The takeaway is that black women get the fewest responses to their messages. Again, I'll let others pontificate on stereotypes and racial discrimination. I'm just here to help you meet women. For now just take this as a another data point.

What does it mean?

All this adds up to black women being, in economic terms, an undervalued asset. Undervalued assets are great for the buyer! You can either "buy" them cheaper than an another equally valuable asset, or you can afford to "buy" more value with the same about of capital. Now, before you get all upset, I'm using the term "buy" here in the most general sense to refer to effort, money, time... all the things required to start a relationship with a women. Essentially, if you date black women, you are likely to find higher quality women available to you. Good luck!