May 19, 2014

Why Most Online Dating Advice is Crap

There's a lot of online dating advice out there. The problem is, most of it is crap. Why? Well it's the same reason that most information on the internet is crap. People tend to get too caught up with what they want, rather than focusing on the truth. The result is that most advice is anecdotal or more of a personal desire than actual advice on how to act for success. Here's what I'm talking about:

This guy complains that he get's too many matches and emails with women he doesn't like. From his sample size of... wait for it... three he infers that he should answer online dating profile questions oppositely of how he truly feels. The better advice would be to stop waiting for women to contact you!

Here's some advice for women on how to respond to emails Um, what? This is 2014, you need advice on how to reply to an email!?!?

Most advice on writing profiles is a lot like this one, with no discernible basis in fact, or this fluffy, vague nonsense that gives you great advice like "express everything you mean" and "continually be personable." That's very useful, thank you.

Then there's just horrible advice like this commonly repeated aphorism: "Don't Try to be Funny." Yes, because being funny is horrible. Nobody likes to laugh. If there's one thing that kills the mood it's laughter. Huh?

So ignore all the crap out there and do what works. Find out for yourself based on trial and error. Or listen to advice based on science, not anecdotes. Where can you get such advice? Well I'm glad you asked. You can follow this blog, or better yet, read my book. Happy dating!